Shipping Made Simple

Econofast Shipping Systems Inc. was founded by Kevin Ripplinger, an individual who took pride in providing his clients with innovative ways to save time and money with his logistics consulting services. Since then, Econofast has grown by leaps and bounds from Kevin’s home based  Consulting business to the Third Party Logistics company we are today.

“At Econofast, our overall goal is to reduce freight costs, reduce administration costs and streamline the shipping process for our customers. How do we do this? We provide a centralized dispatch for all our clients, we search for the best carrier to suit their needs, we look after all claims, invoicing, administration and handle any complications that arise during shipping–We are not a trucking company, we are a Third Party Logistics Company and it’s our mission to save our clients time and money.

– Kevin Ripplinger

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Humble Beginnings

Kevin Ripplinger started Econofast Shipping Systems Inc. with moral and financial help from his brother Jim (of J.R Direct).  Kevin began providing quality consulting services from his kitchen and quickly expanded into third party logistics. This meant it was time to hire some staff and start looking for an office.


Building the Team

John Hall was hired on as Econofast’s first Logistics Consultant. John first contacted Kevin looking for business when he worked for a local courier company. Kevin liked to help out anyone he could, so he sent him a large list of customers to contact for business. Kevin found out the next day that John had already contacted all of the names on the list he had provided. He was so impressed, he immediately offered John a position with Econofast and they never looked back.


Expanding the Family Business

Desirae Hassett, Kevins eldest daughter started working for Econofast in the invoicing and billing department. She continued to work closely with Kevin learning the Consulting side of the business and conducting Freight audits. She then began managing the staff and ensuring the family environment was maintained in our office. Desirae is currently the V.P. of Operations and continues to manage all the Econofast Consulting Services.


Accommodating Growth

Judy Vanderburgt joined our team as a Controller to work with Kevin as he continued to grow the business. Kevin knew Judy well and had complete confidence that she would be a valuable asset to the Econofast team. Judy has worked closely with Kevin throughout the years as his trusted adviser and friend.


Expanding to New Territories

Walter Rakochy, a longtime friend of Kevin, was hired on to join John Hall as one of our Logistics Consultants. With Walter’s knowledge in the freight industry and his exceptional customer service, he assisted Econofast in expanding our customer base in Calgary.


The Family Business

Kurtis Ripplinger, Kevin's only son, was brought on board to create a Truckload Division at Econofast. This would ensure that Econofast could cover all aspects of our customer’s freight requirements. Kurtis worked closely with Kevin throughout the years, learning first hand from all the experience Kevin had gained from the past 25 years in this industry. Kurtis eventually began working with the Sales Team and handling negotiations with our preferred carriers. When Kevin suddenly passed in April 2016, Kurtis was ready to take over as President to continue the legacy Kevin had started.


Vancouver Expansion

David Ripplinger, based out of Vancouver, BC is Kevin's Nephew. He was hired on to expand our Team of Logistics Consultants and provide our customers in Vancouver with the option for a face to face meeting. David brought with him knowledge of the industries in the area and their specific freight requirements. With David’s background in Business and sales, he continues to work closely with our management staff as well as provide his customers in the area with innovative freight solutions.


The Team Leader

Tegan McAvoy, a family friend was hired on in our Courier Division and to help with daily office duties. With her hard work and incredible attention to detail, she quickly moved up through the ranks. Tegan is now our Office Manager and continues to go above and beyond for the Econofast Team and our customers. Tegan has become a valuable part of the Econofast family.


Improving the Customer Experience

Kyle Turner, a childhood friend of Kurtis and the Ripplinger family, was hired on for his experience in the freight industry. With Kyle’s need to ensure his customers are always happy and provided with the best service possible, he was a wonderful addition to our team of Logistics Consultants.


Looking Ahead - A Fresh New Look

With the launch of the new website, Econofast is looking to improve their digital presence, provide new tools and services to our clients, and create a complete digital strategy and outreach for the company. As part of the new tools and services, Econofast worked closely with an experienced team of developers and strategists to create an online rating and quoting tool for our clients.